Monday, October 3, 2011

Contact paper door decal

All the doors in my house are plain, white, and boring. Something on pinterest gave me this idea but I think the word was permanent, I wanted something that could be reversed, undone, or changed.
This project cost me nothing because I had contact paper already but a roll of contact paper is around $5. This is also a very fast project. I did the letters free hand and it only took me about a half hour from start to finish.
First, I laid my contact paper out on the counter and free handed my word and made it double lined so it could be cut out. I did mine in cursive but you could do block letters to make it easier (it would also be easier when sticking it to the door if the letters were individual instead of a whole word). I outlined it it pencil, then my lead ran out and I finished in a fine point pen. The pen and pencil were both so light you can't see all my marks when the word is on the door (unless you look really close).
After my word was done, I cut it out with scissors. I estimated where I wanted the word on my door and peeled back the contact paper backing on just the 'h'. I cut off the backing at each letter (or each loop on the 'e' and 'l's. This is helpful so that the contact paper doesn't start sticking to itself. I just carefully rubbed each letter onto the door. I ran into the knob at one point and just worked and cut around it.
This is such a fun way to dress up a door without doing something permanent. The contact paper can just be pulled off. It'd be fun to try different designs, like spirals, flowers, shapes, stripes, etc. The options are really endless. You could do any word, or a child's name. So fun!

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