Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Personalized Crate

I'm very excited about my next project because I know it's so useful and something I'll always use as easy storage. I bought a wood crate at Goodwill for $2.39 and went to Home Depot for casters. I bought the second smallest size and they were $2.99 a piece. So altogether this project cost me about $15.
Before I put the casters on I printed out my design but I mirrored it. I was trying a technique I saw on pinterest and I used a paint brush to brush water over my lettering while it was face down on the wood. This didn't work...I think I have the wrong kind of printer to be able to do this. Instead, I re-printed a mirrored image and layed my ink face down onto the wood and rubbed the back really hard with a sharpie with the cap on. This transfered the ink well enough so that I could go over it with and ultra fine sharpie. I love this personalized piece, the top number is the date Jeff and I got married (July 14, 2007) and the city is where we got married. This will be something I will definitely keep around! Love how it turned out.
As for my bookpage wreath, I found a spot for it on my wall. I really like how it looks next to my front door in my living room. It was too thick to put on my front door so I had to find the next best spot.
On the home front, Emily had a better night last night. I spent the last two nights sleeping in the spare bedroom on a futon with the monitor. I didn't want our screaming, teething baby to wake my husband every hour when he has to get up at 5:30.
Jeff and I have a king size bed and once we go to sleep we like our own space. I didn't think it'd be a big deal to stay on the futon for a few nights but last night when we went to bed we were both missing each other very much (even though we were in the next bedroom from each other). I'm definitely sleeping in my own bed tonight next to my wonderful husband..and most likely snuggling!

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