Friday, September 23, 2011

DIY Book Page Bunting

I love bunting. It's so cute, not only for parties but for dressing up old windows, a mantle, a mirror, etc. I decided to make a FALL bunting for across the mirror hung in my living room and I loved it so much that I made one to hang across an old door I have hung in my spare room.
This is a super easy and cheap DIY. All I did was cut triangles out of vintage book pages, traced my letters the size I needed straight from my computer to the paper and filled them in with sharpie. I then punched holes in the corners of the triangles and put hole reinforcers on the back. To finish, I threaded some twine through the paper (so that the twine went to the back of the triangle) and then I hung my creation. So easy, so cheap, and so cute.

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