Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goodwill Coffee Table

This was a five dollar coffee table I got at Goodwill. At first I just had plans to re-paint it and make it a bit more cute but then a blemish on the top made me re-think my whole project. I painted the table ivory, then used black watered down acrylic paint to make a glaze which I rubbed on and wiped off according to my liking. Here's how it looked after the paint job.
You can't tell in the picture but there was a spot on the top where a bottom layer of paint had chipped off. It was a really noticable blemish and I didn't know what to do about it. After thinking about it for several days and putting a bunch of ideas together I came up with the idea of making an ottoman/or bench. I really like old grain sacks (especially French ones) so I created my own out of burlap and sharpie. I bought the burlap from Walmart for under $3 a yard. I printed out some different ideas from other french burlap projects from around the internet. When put under the burlap you can see the printed font and go over it with sharpie.
Once I had my foam cut to size for the top, I used spray adhesive to secure it to the top of the table. After I had all my font traced on my burlap I placed it on top of the foam then flipped the table so that I could hot glue the sides down.
Here's one side done and hot glued.
The above picture is during the process.
Here it is all finished as an ottoman in the living room. It'd be so cute with a tray on it with some hot cocoa!
and here it is by the front door as a bench.
I really love how it turned out but don't have a perfect place for it. I will be selling it, if you're interested, let me know! I definitley plan to do more projects very similar to this one. Maybe a shabby chic chair next!

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