Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Wreath

My inspiration for this project came from Craftberry Bush's post here. Her wreath turned out beautiful and I just love the colors. I'm really into making crafts out of book pages lately so I decided to make my wreath out of all book pages instead of using coffee filters. Here's how it turned out:
I really like it but don't have the perfect spot for it yet. I began with a foam wreath form and took each book page and ripped it into thirds.
I took each third, crumbled it up, and stuck a pin through it.
I pinned until the wreath form was covered. I then took some fake fall leaves I had in my fall decorations and traced them onto music paper and cut them out (3) to make my leaves. I found some sticks from outside, stuck them on the wreath and TA-DA, a cute and cheap DIY fall wreath. The fun thing is that no one has one exactly like mine. You can personalize it anyway you want to, maybe add a small monogram, maybe hang a miniture version of FALL bunting from my previous post across the middle, maybe add some fall colors, the options are endless.


  1. Beautiful wreath, beautiful blog and beautiful work! (found you at the Shabby Creek Cottage Party) I'm a new blogger too, started in September :)