Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No-Low Cost Art

I'm a huge pinterest pinning everyday. I get a lot of fun ideas to try for my house. The following project was pinterest inspired.
I was able to create this with no cost because I already had all the supplies. I used a piece of plywood I had in my garage, but you could use a canvas.
I began with mod-podging old book pages onto the plywood and you don't have to use expensive store bought mod podge (make your own by mixing equal parts of elmer's glue and water in a glass jar). After the book pages dried I painted with black watered down paint both vertically and horizontally, not worrying about total coverage (this gives a warn, distressed look). When the black paint dried I worked on the letters. I have yet to buy a silhouette machine so I do my letters the old fashion way.
I find the font I want to use on Word and type my words out in the size I need. I then trace right from my computer screen on to tissue paper with a pen. Once the black paint is dried I trace the words again with a sharpie (this time silver so it will show on the black paint). The sharpie will bleed through the tissue paper onto your work surface, just make sure you're pressing firmly and not tracing too fast.
Once all my words were traced onto my project I filled the letters in with the silver sharpie, you could also paint them.
To give the letters a distressed look I watered down some more black paint and rubbed it lightly over the letters in certain areas with a paper towel. I then sanded the edges of the plywood very lightly to reveal some more color of the book pages.
And that's a no or low cost piece of art with whatever saying you want! You could use a favorite quote, lyrics from a song, or scripture.

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  1. I would love to know which fonts you used on this. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing how you did this!